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Магазини Aiko XXXL работят с намалено работно време в цялата страна и стриктно спазват всички необходими превантивни и хигиенни мерки.

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>These Terms and Conditions of Payment and Delivery govern the relationship between AIKO MULTI CONCEPT OOD and the Users of www.aiko-bg.com and the online store available on the Website.


1. “WE”, “Aiko”, “COMPANY” means AIKO MULTI CONCEPT OOD, having its headquarters and mailing address at: 441 Evropa Blvd, Sofia 1331, EIK (entity ID) 175132390, phone: 0700 188 66, Website: www.aiko-bg.com, Email: aiko@aiko-bg.com “CPA” means Consumer Protection Act.
“PDPA” means Personal Data Protection Act.
“WEBSITE” means the website located on www.aiko-bg.com
“USER” means a person using the Website’s features.
“CONSUMER” means a consumer as defined in the CPA.
“PERSONAL DATA” means personal data as defined in the PDPA.
“PAYMENT ON DELIVERY” means payment on delivery as defined in the Postal Services Act.
“TERMS AND CONDITIONS” means these Terms and Conditions. By clicking any link, button or application found on the Website, except for the link directing to these Terms and Conditions, the User expressly and unconditionally accepts these Terms and Conditions of Use of the Website and the online store available on www.aiko-bg.com.


2. All prices on the Website are given in the Bulgarian lev and are valid only at the time of posting.

3. Aiko reserves the right to change the prices at any time without notice. The prices of products and services given on the Website are final and include all taxes and fees, save for the delivery price and the fee for payment on delivery.

4. The fee for payment on delivery is 0.5% of the order’s value for delivery by the courier company Rhenus and up to 1.68% of the order’s value for delivery by the courier company Econt.


5. All Users of the Website and the online store may place orders. Submitting an order does not mean that the products will automatically be reserved in our system. If the products are available, orders where the options “payment on delivery” and “delivery by Econt” are selected shall be shipped without further confirmation. In all other cases, the User will receive a reply to their email no later than two days after receipt of the order.


6. The User may pay the price of the products ordered from the Website using one of the following methods:
- payment on delivery
- payment by bank card
- money transfer
- payment via an ePay account
- payment at an EasyPay office

7. Regardless of the method selected, all payments shall only be made in the Bulgarian lev. By accepting these Terms and Conditions, the User expressly and unconditionally agrees to pay Aiko in advance the full selling price of the products ordered through the Website.

8. Where payment is made on delivery, the buyer shall receives a receipt from the courier, as well as an invoice if the consumer is a legal entity, indicating the following: products ordered, selling price due for them, delivery price, fee for payment on delivery and insurance. The buyer shall give the courier the total cost (including the products’ price, the cost of delivery, the fee for payment on delivery and the insurance) indicated on the invoice, which shall be noted in the delivery and acceptance slip (certifying the delivery of the products indicated on the receipt by the courier to the buyer), which serves as a receipt. By signing the delivery and acceptance slip, the buyer authorises the courier to deliver, on their behalf and at their expense, the amount constituting the selling price of the delivered products to the COMPANY.


9. Aiko delivers through subcontractors only in Bulgaria. The Company reserves the right to change the subcontractor making the delivery without having to inform the Consumers in advance, as long as this does not affect the price and the delivery period. The courier company Econt is used to transport accessories, and it delivers between 1 and 3 days after receiving the products from Aiko. For the transport of furniture, we use the courier company Rhenus Bulgaria, which delivers within 1 week. When the delivery period includes public holidays and/or weekends, it may be extended by the number of non-business days. Where a product not available in the warehouse is ordered, the delivery period can be up to 90 days, and the Consumer shall be notified thereof after receipt of their order, with a request submitted for the relevant product on their behalf.

10. The exact time of delivery of orders shipped by Rhenus Bulgaria shall be specified in a telephone conversation with a representative of the courier company. If the Consumer is unable to receive the product at the agreed time, they shall pay a penalty for re-delivery in the amount of the delivery price paid.

11. The delivery price for the products ordered shall be paid by the Consumer and can range from BGN 6.54 to BGN 360 for the whole country, depending on the type and size of the products, their weight, the delivery address and the number of items in the order. Shipping costs are automatically calculated in the value of the order and indicated below the information on the items ordered.

12. Aiko reserves the right, subject to certain conditions, to give consumers discounts on the cost of delivery.

13. Aiko has no obligation to carry and assemble the products delivered, unless the Consumer desires such a service, which shall be paid for separately according to the Company’s price lists published on the Website.

14. Aiko shall not be liable for delaying the delivery due to circumstances beyond its control, such as delays by the courier making the delivery.

15. If an incorrect or wrong address, contact person and/or telephone number are given when the User submits the request, Aiko shall not be liable for incorrect execution of the order due to the incorrect information submitted by the User.


6. The contract of remote sale between Aiko and the User shall be considered to have been concluded at the time of confirmation of the order by the COMPANY.


17. Aiko Multi Concept OOD, the administrator of https://www.aiko-bg.com, uses your personal data solely for the purpose of fulfilling the product delivery contract to which you became a party by ordering products and services from our Website (https://www.aiko-bg.com), as well as for the purpose of subsequent contact with you, if you have chosen to contact us on any of our telephone numbers or email addresses (aiko@aiko-bg.com and web_ev@mail.aiko-bg.com). Aiko does not collect or process any more or any other type of personal information than is necessary to achieve the purposes set out in the Privacy Policy on https://www.aiko-bg.com. Aiko will only use personal data as set out in the Privacy Policy on https://www.aiko-bg.com, unless you have given your express consent to another type of use of your personal data, such as through an express statement of consent to the sending of marketing messages.


18. Consumers may use all services offered on the Website for personal non-commercial purposes and provided that the copyright of the Company or third parties to the materials on the Website is not directly or indirectly infringed. Consumers are expressly forbidden to copy, publicly disseminate, distribute or distribute any material posted on this Website for any purpose.


19. Pursuant to Article 50 of the CPA, a buyer who is a consumer within the meaning of the CPA may, within 14 days of delivery, cancel the concluded contract, without being liable for compensation or penalty and without giving a reason, by returning the products ordered subject to the following conditions:

- The Consumer must inform Aiko in advance by sending an email to web_ev@mail.aiko-bg.com, stating that they are cancelling the contract pursuant to Article 50 of the CPA. The Consumer must also specify a bank account to which the price paid by them for the returned products are to be refunded.

- The products must be returned personally by the Consumer or a person authorised by them (by written power of attorney with a notarised signature) to an Aiko branch, or by courier.

- The original product packaging provided by the manufacturer must not have been opened and the protective stickers affixed by Aiko must be intact.

- All transportation and other costs of returning the products will be at the expense of the Consumer. Until such time as the products are returned by the Consumer to Aiko, the risk of accidental loss or damage shall be borne entirely by the Consumer.

20. If a Consumer exercises their right under Article 50 of the CPA, provided they have fulfilled the conditions set out above, Aiko shall refund the price paid by the Consumer by money transfer (to the bank account provided as set out above) within five business days of the products’ return.


21. All products available on the Website and/or sold in the online store have a statutory guarantee for the conformity of the products with the contract of sale in accordance with Article 112-115 of the CPA. The commercial guarantee shall not affect the rights of consumers arising from the guarantee under Article 112-115 of the CPA. Regardless of the commercial guarantee, the seller shall be responsible for the non-conformity of the consumer products with the contract of sale according to the guarantee under Article 112-115 of the CPA.

22. Upon receipt of the products, the Consumer must immediately inspect the products and, if they find patent defects or that any of the accompanying accessories and /or any of the documents required by Bulgarian law are missing, immediately inform the person making the delivery. If they fail to do so, the item shall be considered to have been approved, with the Consumer forfeiting the right to later claim that their products had been delivered with patent defects or with any of the accessories and/or any of the documents required by Bulgarian law missing. Complaints about products remotely purchased through the COMPANY website shall be made in accordance with the CPA’s rules and the terms and conditions of their commercial guarantee.

23. Address for complaints: 441 Evropa Blvd, Vrabnitsa District, Sofia, Aiko Store, national telephone number: 0700 188 66.


24. Aiko undertakes to provide only the services available on the Website as they are shown. All information provided on the Website, including, but not limited to, design, availability, prices and location of the products shall only be valid at the time of its presentation, and Aiko reserves the right to change it without notice at any time. It is the responsibility of the Consumer to regularly check the terms of use of the Website, as well as the information provided on prices, availability, etc., in order to keep themselves updated in case of any changes thereto. In any case, the change shall have a future effect and shall not affect orders confirmed by Aiko prior to its implementation. If further approval is required from Us, it shall be given, otherwise, regardless of the confirmation of the order, the order shall be considered invalid.

25. Aiko shall not be liable for the content and safety of the sites to which the links published on this Website direct. Clicking on such links and the use of the sites to which they direct is entirely at the risk and responsibility of the Users of this Website.

26. Where necessary, Users of the Website must provide correctly and fully the details required of them. Aiko shall not be liable for failing to carry out an order where the User has provided incorrect, incomplete and/or inaccurate personal information, including where they have provided an incomplete, incorrect or fictitious address.

27. Any matters not regulated by these Terms and Conditions shall be governed by the Terms and Conditions of Purchase and Sale of Products and Services from Aiko Furniture Stores published on the Website, as well as the provisions of current Bulgarian law. Any disputes concerning the interpretation and fulfilment of these Terms and Conditions and the interpretation and performance of contracts of remote sale of products ordered on the Website shall be resolved by negotiations, and in case of failure to do so and if the jurisdiction is not stated imperatively, the dispute shall referred for resolution by the competent court in the city of Sofia, in accordance with the rules of tribunal jurisdiction under the Civil Procedure Code, namely – Sofia District Court or Sofia City Court.

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